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Extra Tools - pack of additional tools for working in AutoCAD, Civil 3D

Version Type of license Working time Status Price
Extra Tools 1.79 2010-2020 PRO General | Internet | For testing until 30.06.2023 Disabled -
Extra Tools 1.80 2010-2024 PRO General | Internet | For testing - Enabled FREE

Type of license Extra Tools PRO:
  • For testing, is provided to test the correct operation and error detection of plugins in the package Extra Tools, the duration of the license is limited to the time of the test period.

  • General, Extra Tools PRO activation is provided to all users.

  • Internet, a license that is activated over the Internet. Activation occurs when you download Extra Tools into AutoCAD. At the time of activated: the computer must be connected to the Internet, the request for an Internet license must not be blocked by blocker programs or by your network system administrator.

  • ID, license, in which the activation of Extra Tools PRO occurs by a unique ID number, which can be viewed in the About Extra Tools dialog box, the license request should not be blocked in the same way as an Internet license.

Plugins can be developed, improved or modified Extra Tools for more specific tasks.
To learn more, write to mail@dxf-workshop.com with the subject "Developing plugins" with a description of the task.

It is possible to participate in projects with a site visit, and create software packages to automate the processing of geodetic measurements, and accelerate the preparation of the as-build geodetic documentation.
To learn more, please write to mail@dxf-workshop.com with the subject "Cooperation".

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Extra Tools  v1.80  build 14 December 2022 y.     Plugins for AutoCAD, Civil3D

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List of Extra Tools plugins

PRO - this plugin is only available in PRO version
Lite PRO - there is a limited and full version of the plugin

To get Extra Tools v1.80  select an AutoCAD or Civil3D version

I agree license agreement

Attention! If you have version 1.79 installed, uninstall it before installing 1.80, how to do this is shown in the video:

How to install* Extra Tools can be seen in the video

If Extra Tools could not be installed using the self-extracting archive. Install manually.

How to remove Extra Tools installed from SFX (self-extracting) archive. Link to forum thread.

* - Installation means unzipping it into a folder ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins Extra Tools components.

If you have trouble installing Extra Tools, describe the problem on the forum

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